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What's stopping you investing in property?


Do you love the idea of owning a profitable property portfolio, but you're scared you might end up losing money?


Despite how much you want to get involved in investing in property, do the horror stories of investments gone wrong keep you from getting started?



There are so many misconceptions and myths out there which might be holding you back, but the good news is that there are ways to protect yourself and your portfolio.


You can overcome practically every issue with the right knowledge, commitment and support!




NOW is the best time to invest.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to change your life because you're afraid to start!



Let someone who has been there, created a successful property portfolio and is still successfully investing put your mind at ease!

So, what's included?


In this FREE course, I will take you through 5 days of myth shattering content from the safety and comfort of your own home!


We've all heard stories of property investment going wrong and people losing money. But, almost all of those difficult situations are brought about by a lack of knowledge, resulting in poor investment choices.


With the right education, property investment can build your wealth and financial freedom even if you don't have any money to start with!


Via an online course platform, you can watch all of the modules whenever is convenient AND you will also be able to ask me questions and discuss each topic in detail throughout the week.

Nightmare Tenants

Every Landlord's worst nightmare is bad tenants. Whether they are failing to pay the rent, or steadily destroying the property, no one wants to have to deal with a nightmare tenant. But, how can property investors avoid this financial and emotional stress? I've got you covered. From top tips to prevent nightmare tenants moving in, to practical advice for dealing with good tenants turned bad, you can invest safe in the knowledge that you are prepared for every eventuality.

Tax and Regulations

Managing Remotely

Knowing Your Numbers

Getting Started with No Deposit

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My Story...



I decided to invest in property because I was miserable working as a process engineer in a warehouse. I had no passion for using all of my time and energy to make sure retailers got their orders of make-up and perfume on time and the long hours were draining me.


Instead, I wanted to create a lifestyle where I had the freedom to spend my time wherever and with whomever I wanted.



property myth busting course


Once I had learnt it was possible to get my money to work for me as an investor and business owner (thanks to reading Rich Dad Poor Dad), I knew I wanted to become a property investor.


I read books, attended seminars and went on training courses to learn how to become a professional property investor.


18 months later, I waved goodbye to my full-time job forever and I have never looked back. I now own a property portfolio valued over £1.7 million as well as running build-to-sell development projects and my investment journey is far from over.

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How long will I have access to the course information for?

There is no expiry date on access to the course content once you have started the course.